Toronto is doubling its investments in cycling infrastructure. 


On June 9, 2016 Toronto City Council adopted a Cycling Network Ten Year Plan.

The objectives of the Cycling Network Plan are; 

  • Connect the gaps in our existing Cycling Network
  • Grow the Cycling Network into new parts of the City and
  • Renew the existing Cycling Network routes, where there are opportunities to improve its quality.

Your can learn more about the routes being proposed to build Toronto's Cycling Network by reading the report which was adopted by City Council.

Over the next Ten Years, Transportation Services will undertake studies and consultations for each of the proposed cycling routes identified on the map below.  In addition to this map, Council has also directed that a major corridor study be undertaken on Yonge Street from Bishop north to Steeles Avenue.  



We're not starting from scratch; Learn about the major Cycling Network projects that are already underway.

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planning the network

How do we improve our streets for cycling?  Learn about the types of Cycling Infrastructure that we will be using.

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