Bike Lanes, Cycle Tracks, Multi-Use Trails and Shared Roadways all connect together to form our Cycling Network.  Which type of route should be put on a street depends on how busy the street is, and how fast the traffic is.


If a street has a lot of motor vehicles and this traffic is moving quickly, this will make most cyclists feel unsafe.  For these types of streets a dedicated cycling facility such as a bicycle lane, buffered bicycle lane or Cycle Track can help keep cyclist and motor vehicle traffic  separate.

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If a street is quiet, with slow moving motor vehicle traffic, then we don't have to make space for a dedicated cycling facility.  Traffic calming, wayfinding signage and sharrows can help build Bicycle Boulevards which are comfortable for every type of cyclist.

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Get Involved!  We want you to help us design the plan by completing surveys and participating in public events
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